how I made invitations in art school

Now that the dust has settled slightly, I have some time to document, reflect upon, and share my latest efforts. The Lost Object Project has received a handful of online submissions and the analog drop box held several envelopes last time I checked in on it yesterday afternoon. I'll have pics of the gallery configuration, opening, and any other related shenanigans later this week. We're having a candy-coated reception this Tuesday, March 6th, from 5 to about 6:30 p.m. A number of the artists have special happenings planned for the reception, and we're piggy-backing on the paper and pulp show opening that evening in the rest of the atrium's gallery space, so it should be a good time.

In the meantime, here are images of the invitation distributed to grad students and select faculty (in other words, my immediate community within the Museum School), as well as the flyer I printed 400 times last weekend. This is what both versions look like closed:

You can't see it real well, but the envelope seal is a sticker with a little, black briefcase printed on it. The flyer folds out like so:

I tucked a response set inside. Initially I wanted each student at the School to get some version of the invitation/flyer. I made 400 because I swear I heard recently that the School has just shy of 500 full-time students in all degree programs. Turns out that figure is off by a couple hundred, and then there are part-time and continuing education students to think of, not to mention staff and miscellaneous faculty. I decided the more democratic thing to do was place a stack of the folded flyers in a holder next to the drop box. Anyone who wants one can take one.

And this is the invitation ensemble I stuck in each of the grad students' mailboxes last week:

How 'bout them rounded corners?

The way I framed this whole paper campaign at the Museum School ended up being more like a call for submissions to an online exhibition, with the submission deadline being the last day of the show. I'll post what I get after we take down the show on the 13th, but the website will, I hope, continue long after.

And, um, if you haven't submitted your lost object's story/image yet, you should! Because I know you have at least one to share...

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