um, is this a trick question?

The only (okay, it did look pretty entertaining) reason I'm watching the Pussycat Dolls reality show is because it's taken the place of Veronica Mars for the next several weeks (what's up with that, anyway? do the producers really think the audiences are that similar?). The main thing I've learned so far is that the line between what the Pussycat Dolls do and stripping is even finer than I thought. One commercial break after calling Brittany "stripperella" Robin challenged the girls to demonstrate their confidence (the most important thing) by dancing, in groups of three, in lingerie, essentially, in little box rooms. Once again, while Asia won the competition by, as far as I could tell, writhing on the couch, Brittany was criticized for going too far. My only other observation so far is that the producers should learn from ANTM and give these girls a makeover early on. Oh, and, note, per an earlier discussion here about ANTM, the young, single mother competing on the show for her baby back home. I do appreciate, however, how incredibly girly their living accomodations are. Heart-shaped mirrors, fluffy pink-lined circular cut-outs in the wall, all the beds in one room...it's like a nine-week slumber party!

Also on hiatus until late April is Heroes. What are they thinking? How could they do this to me?! And on ANTM, I was once again disappointed that a girl I liked (Samantha) went home while a girl I find hopelessly clueless (Natasha) stayed on. There's always at least one girl who's not totally obnoxious who gets the personality-deficient label right away, teaching the youth of America that personality equals inflated levels of confidence not tied to much of anything in the way of talent or skill.

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