lookin' for interaction

Remember the website and blog I created in conjunction with that floor installation I did last fall? Well, after the show came down I found I didn't have much to blog about, and had always envisioned the website to continue in some way, hopefully in a slightly more interactive way. After figuring out PHP and form to email stuff (albeit in my usual scattered, impatient, this-will-do kind of way) for The Lost Object Project, I thought, hey, why don't I do the same for wherewearenot.org? Unfortunately, that website is hosted on a different server, which, apparently, won't allow attachments to be sent with the other information requested on the form...I plan to transfer everything to godaddy this summer, which I've found to be far superior. In the meantime, however, you can submit a story that somehow responds to the question: "Where are you not?" Maybe there's a place you're far from that you miss, or a location that you've always wanted to travel to and have imagined in some way, or family that you're displaced from, for one reason or another...essentially place/location that holds some meaning for you, whatever the reason, interpreted pretty broadly. And if you have images, feel free to email them to me separately; just be sure to reference your form contribution in some way. Updates will be posted to the blog.

Of course, in some ways, I feel like perhaps I'm trying too hard to inspire interaction. It's really quite a challenge to get folks to contribute, whatever the goal, in lots of different kinds of spaces. I've heard of much simpler projects that have been hugely successful and widespread. I have some more tricks up my sleeve, of course, but I'm bracing myself for utter, total failure. If nothing else, this and other potentiallly interactive projects have led me to think about that point of participation in and of itself, adding Macolm Gladwell's books on the topic (Blink and The Tipping Point) to my long list of reading.

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