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To add to my previous post, here's a short video pan I took at the Painted Hills in Oregon last Monday. I thought I was being so still and yet the video is still pretty shaky...I blame it on the wind.

Also, I forgot to mention that on the way back to Boston I had a layover in Salt Lake City, home of the best veggie burger I've had so far. Neal and I had a layover at the SLC airport just about two years ago on our way to Mexico and that's when I first tried the veggie "love burger" at Squatters Pub, in the airport and also downtown. That's the veggie burger that started a sort of personal quest for the best, made-in-house veggie burger, and so far, SLC airport's Squatter's pub still ranks number one and this recent layover confirmed it. If I'm at a restaurant that makes their own veggie burger, despite what else might be on the menu, I have to try it. No frozen patties or Gardenburger with a capital G for me. The Asgard Pub in Cambridge has a pretty decent one as well as The Cheesecake Factory chain. I think what makes Squatter's version so good is the combination of ingredients, which are mashed up in a pretty fine patty, but then they throw in some sunflower seeds for texture. Not too chunky but not exactly a fine, homogenous, meaty texture either, and it holds its shape in the bun.

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