BB + SYTYCD = big fat crocodile tears

After all that intense watching and note-taking on last night's SYTYCD I woke up this morning to realize I had completely forgotten to vote! Gasp! And I blame the summer job, as usual. I've had to work late the last few Wednesdays. By the time I get home the show is over, so I watch the recorded version, but even sans commercials, it's 11 or later by the time it's through. Wrap up the notes, publish a quick post, wash my face and brush my teeth and I can barely remember to make my calls. Whatever happens tonight, it's all my fault.

I've been tuning in to Big Brother this summer as well, after watching half-heartedly (if that) the past few summers. I think it's one of the more entertaining seasons ever, at least as far as I can remember. Both the exes and America's player (I never realized that you cannot, in fact, spell America without Eric) have been surprisingly interesting twists. But Amber, girlfriend, you've got to stop crying!

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Anonymous said...

I can not believe you said that about Amber - I am sooooo sick of seeing her sob. My goodness, is she like this outside the house? How could you stand to live with that? And even when she's not crying, her face is sad. I have Jenna & Nik hooked, and they both yell at the TV that she needs to go home. I'm surprised someone hasn't made that an issue as much character assassination has been going on. Eric is in big trouble, I think. Evel is on to him, and in a big way. As much as I didn't like Evel in the beginning, he sure adds a lot to the show. It would be tough to be aligned with America - those odd votes - not aligning with your alliance. I knew it would be tough to keep it secret.

As far as SYTYCD, I'm glad you're warming to Lauren (sp?). I have to agree that the Mia routine was a tear jerker, but worth that kind of accolade? How could you vote against something that was that sentimental? sheesh

I loved the routine right after - the quickstep was it? Excellent. But then I tend to stay traditional. The krumping and contemporary are just not my favorites. Some hip hop is OK, but I like all the traditional dancing. Wardrobe took a hit on the Push It routine.