the kids are alright

I spent a few days hanging out with my 6 year old niece and 10 year old nephew a couple of weeks ago and this is what I learned:

Chocolate chip pancakes never get old (although you might want to have ziti for breakfast every once in awhile to mix things up); legos are cool again; Pokemon stuffed animals and sponges make nifty sun prints; children find Bob Saget funny; Sponge Bob's pet snail meows like a kitten; you must have at least three add-ons for your crocs; swing sets are so twenty years ago; and I'm not the only one who prefers ice cream for lunch.

But mostly, I realized that I did not watch the first High School Musical movie often or closely enough to have much chance of winning at the DVD game....any of the half-dozen times we played...even after watching the movie again. Of course, now I know all the lyrics and choreography and the soundtrack was stuck in my head for days. I just need to get to work on the sequel before the next game comes out. "Nah, nah, nah, nah...yeah..."

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