slow dancing SYTYCD style

What happens when you pair my favorite guy with my favorite gal? Magic...and an excellent use of props on tonight's SYTYCD. I was not disappointed with Sara and Danny's tango. The energy level was a bit lower than I usually like (that seemed to be a problem with many of the routines tonight...did somebody slip the choreographers some Valium?) but I think they pulled it off. Their second performance was an odd mix for me. I love Shane Sparks' old school choreography, which should be a perfect match for that Salt-n-Pepa track. Everything about that performance was 90s (including wardrobe - remember Flavor Flav?)...but maybe the worst of the 90s. I still love them.

I loved Li'l C's choreography a few weeks ago but I wasn't feeling tonight's krumping. Lauren is growing on me, though. And I thought Dominic did a lot better this week. Their tango, however, was pretty hot. The slow tempo actually worked here.

I didn't totally agree with the judges' take on Lacey and Neil's Latin Jazz, but maybe I was just smitten with the choreography. A topless Neil also caught my attention. Is it just me or did they fudge that lift a bit? Neal (my Neal) pointed out the pre-performance "package" builds up way too much anticipation on the trickier moves. What is this, figure skating? And I appreciate Mia's personal story and how it inspired their contemporary routine but not even a crying Mary Murphy (nor the random woman in the audience) can convince me that that was a great performance. Beautiful and touching idea, indeed. No hard feelings...you know I love you, Mia.

Pasha and Sabra...What can I possibly add to the judges' remarks and the glowing reviews of Sabra week after week? She's as delightful as seeing Tinkerbell for the first time when you watch Peter Pan as a little kid. What more can you ask for? And Pasha got lucky this week: he's got the character for Broadway and years of ballroom training. And man, the show needed a quick step to balance the low energy of the rest of the night's show.

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