it's time to stop being nice and start gettin' real

Oh, wait, that was another reality t.v. show. But it kinda fits for this season of Big Brother. Actually, I think they've gone beyond real and right on into the wildly entertaining and volatile area of passive-aggression. I tend to always feel bad for the person who's evicted, even if they got on my last nerve the week before. But I genuinely felt bad for Jen. Okay, so maybe she went overboard by destroying Dick's cigarettes, but can you imagine being in a house with half a dozen people that despise you like that? Yikes. It was like watching a nature show and wishing the producers of the documentary would intervene already once the baby lemur falls off the tree.

I guess the thing that irks me just about every week this season is the self-righteousness of the folks that stay, as if any of them are completely innocent of the kind of stuff they claim Jen did week after week. Even Jameka has said and done a thing or two that made me wince. And Amber...good grief, somebody put her out of her misery. I was really hoping she'd leave. As entertaining as this season has been, I still find myself amazed at the players in the top six or so.

Anyway, I'm traveling to the "Athens of the South" this weekend, going here to see this.

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Anonymous said...

OM, I could hardly believe what I was watching last night! You are so right - this has zoomed way past anything I've seen on this show before. Volatile is an understatement. I was GLUED to the TV.

That self righteousness is supposedly what got Dustin out. They said they just didn't like how arrogant he'd become. Take a big look in that mirror, folks!

Julie interviewed Jen this morning - did anyone catch that?