bird is my middle name

I've been thinking about my website for awhile. I don't really maintain the cafe or gallery (or reading room) portions and there is the whole artist website convention (firstnamelastname.com). I've been torn about the latter part of this dilemma for years...In fact, that's how wazocafegallery.com came about back in '03 (for those of you who've always wondered, "wazo" is the phonetic notation for the French oiseau, which means bird). There's another Rebecca Bird, who just happens to be an artist as well and recently snagged the matching domain name. And I have to admit, her existence is part of the reason I decided to tag Grigsby to the end of my name when I got married. Not that both of us are necessarily ever going to be wildly famous artists, but you never know...

So what to do? rebeccabirdgrigsby.com is too long, but I don't want to lose the Bird and just go with rebeccagrigsby.com. So I came up with an even longer, but I think slightly cleverer, solution: birdismymiddlename.com. In honor of the late Lady Bird Johnson, I decided to go ahead and make it official. For now, it will redirect you to my existing website, which I think I'll keep in case I ever do open up a cafe gallery kind of establishment, but hopefully by summer's end, birdismymiddlename.com will be home to my take on the artist website.

When I first came to Boston and began my graduate studies, just a few months after getting married and changing my name, I used Lady Bird Johnson as an example, as in, "Hi, my name's Rebecca Bird Grigsby, like Lady Bird Johnson." If I could, I'd go stand in a field of blue bonnets right about now.

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Anonymous said...

Just as a sidenote to Lady Bird: she (the family) owned Nevada Cement in Fernley, and being the "environmentalist" she was known as, nothing ever really connects her to the company. Nevada Cement is/was (haven't checked since my environment class) a heavy polluter in Nevada. Ranks just behind the coal burning power plants (Sierra Pacific) in Reno and just outside of Winnemucca. Not trying to tarnish the old bird's name, cuz she did some remarkable things, but thought you'd find it interesting to know this itty bitty tidbit!! Source: Marlaine. Jo