that's all I got to say

Shane Sparks returned to SYTYCD to whip up some hot, hot, hot choreography for Sabra and Dominic. Come to think of it, all the choreography was pretty good tonight. Creative and inventive without being...weird. But, I don't know, Wade Robson's choreography is just a little too stylized for me.

Some other thoughts...The hustle is basically ballroom. I don't want to vote for Lacey until she gets contemporary or hip hop, at least, but damn, that was pretty good. This week's guest judge rocks! He's totally right about Danny. And again I say, "too much ballroom." Couples I enjoyed most include, reluctantly, Lacey & Kameron, Anya & Danny, Sara & Pasha, and Sabra & Dominic...Hmmm, that's still over half the couples. Oh well.

And that's all I got to say.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the good v. evil routine. I'm so bad at names, I'm going to have to write them down while watching so I know who you're talking about. Notes . . . ugh! too much like taking a class. maybe not. Jo