tell me why I don't like Thursdays

Once again, I find myself at a loss for words. As Cat put it, "I hate Thursdays." I don't know how she maintains her composure. For another reality t.v. tie-in, like Big Brother's Amber, I'm a bit of a cryer.

That said, I wasn't terribly surprised at tonight's results show on SYTYCD. I was pretty certain Hok would be going home, unless for some reason he got enough votes to keep him and Jamie in the top three. He'll be fine. After all, he has his art to fall back on.

As for Anya, again, not surprised with the judges' decision to send her home, although I do think that was a pretty great solo (how perfect was Tina Turner for her dancing and those legs?!). Jamie is, in my opinion, the best of tonight's bottom three, but I thought Lauren had a great solo, so as much as I've enjoyed Anya, I thought she was the right gal to go. Sigh.

I must get tickets to the top ten tour!

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