I love the 80s

Vulnerability...now there's a new word to add to the arrogance/confidence/humility debate. Props to Wade for his contribution to the panel, on that note and beyond.

Other thoughts on tonight's serving of SYTYCD:

Sabra and Dominic are definitely in my top...8 or so (still having a hard time not loving almost all of them)...but I think their jive was set to music just a tad too fast.

Hok and Jamie's routine was pretty mellow (for Broadway, especially) but I kinda liked it. Of course, I couldn't take my eyes off Jamie, but even if she finds herself in the bottom three, I'd be surprised if she went home this week.

Sara and Pasha's Mandy Moore 80s-inspired routine was so freakin' excellent! From the music, to the colors of those leotards, those suspenders!, that side hairdo on Sara...OMG, I love, love, loved it! Dare I say that was my most favorite SYTYCD routine ever?!

I always enjoy a good Mia Michaels routine, and usually appreciate her use of props, but I wasn't really connecting to either Lauren or Neil because of the glasses, I think, as Mary Murphy pointed out. Also, as I've noted before, when a routine relies heavily on the dancers being synchronized, it really distracts when they don't.

Danny and Anya worked it out, what more can I say.

And I was pretty pleased to see Lacey get something other than ballroom or a more-or-less partnered dance style. I thought she did a pretty good job, but I gotta say, Wade was right on, once again. Who knew he was so wise?! That said, I enjoyed the routine overall (always a fan of Dan Karaty...is there any choreographer I don't like?), but wasn't digging the end.

Oy vey, who to vote for?

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