waiting on the world...

...to realize how amazing Sara is! I've finally found my top gal on SYTYCD (with Sabra at a close second). I thought there was a really nice energy to her rendition of Wade Robson's routine (and another great couples routine). I didn't care for many others; I felt like Lauren and Neil were trying too hard. I don't know, maybe that's good contemporary technique, but it felt awkward and kind of jagged here and there. And as much as I like Sabra, for some reason I'm a little annoyed by the embarrassingly glowing reviews week after week.

As for the guys, in general, by golly, I think Danny's my favorite. I think Dominic and Pasha will be the first two guys to go. And I feel equally enthusiastic about Kameron and Neil. But that Danny...Man, as soon as he breaks through whatever it was between him and the audience those first few weeks, he's a freakin' rockstar!

And how great were Lacey's wristbands? "Dancey"...I love it.

On a final note, I pretty much never want to hear that song again. I think it was an interesting experiment to have all the dancers dance the same solo routine, but I hope they decide never to repeat it.

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