keep God out of it

Here's the thing. I'll admit that this summer's Big Brother is the most entertaining in years. Even so, I seriously doubt God is watching, let alone rooting for Jameka and Amber. Like Evel Dick put it, God has more important things to do.


Rain said...

But Amber had a vision she would win POV! A vision from god!!

Guess god was just fuckin' with her. God is so gangsta.

Becky G. said...

True, her vision didn't exactly come true but the POV was, ultimately, used on her. Coincidence? He's really testing her faith. As I always say, if there's one place where your religious faith will be put to the test, it's on reality t.v.

Anonymous said...

You are reading my mind. Visions, testing of faith, praying on national TV! "God fuckin' with her" - OM LOL!!
Love, love, love it all.
I suppose He does do that (testing of faith, that is). Reality TV is the perfect way to test religious faith and to get a good laugh along the way.
As always, Jo