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I missed the SYTYCD results show on Monday (I was hanging out with my niece and nephew...more about that a bit later). I couldn't wait to watch the show to find out who had been eliminated but I watched the highlights tonight before the first part of the season finale began. Knowing Lauren had been sent home instead of Lacey, you can bet I was watching Wade Robson's opening act very carefully. I'm sorry, but Lauren is a way better dancer. You rabid Lacey fans, look what you've done! And what was that bit about showing her "bum"? Um, did she think it was a wholesome image she was projecting when she picked out that slinky little black number? Girl, please.

I almost don't need to watch tonight's performance show since I know who's the best and I know who I'm voting for: Sabra and Danny. I honestly would be elated if either of them won. They're both spectacular. Neil has definitely improved significantly the last couple of weeks, but even so, he doesn't hold a candle to Danny. And, obviously, the same can be said of Lacey to Sabra. Lacey's good, don't get me wrong, but a.) she's a Schwimmer and a Schwimmer's already won, and b.) she's just not as superb, all-around, as Sabra.

If only both Sabra and Danny could win. Now that would be tight!

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Anonymous said...

Lauren was my girl, so you can imagine my disappointment. I'm with you, Lacey is good, but not as good as Sabra and I have some bias because she is a Schwimmer. I was really disappointed that they allowed her to audition with Benji, that seemed unfair to me. I love Danny, he is soooo good. And it would be great for both Sabra and Danny to win.

I think the reason I was really attracted to Lauren was that she was always smiling - she looked like she was having such a good time. She seemed genuine to me.

What did you think about the Fox routine? I think the choreographer owed the girls more than that routine. The boys together were awesome and really "showcased their talents" to quote the judges, where the girls were not. What a shame.