jessi's (my) girl

I've done a little bit of searching today but haven't been able to find any news on Jessi's condition. I was so disappointed that she wasn't able to dance last night; even the rehearsal video looked amazing (that one move where Pasha brings her up through his legs...wow!). I guess I'll just have to wait until tonight's results show to find out if she's healthy enough to "dance for her life."

So that was a major bummer but there were a lot of solid routines, once again. I'm finding it near impossible to vote for less than half of the couples; hopefully this voting thing will be easier when it's by individual dancer. Sara and Jesus made a huge improvement for me over last week, which was more an issue of choreography than skill, but still. I thought Anya actually did a pretty good job at hip hop, all things considered. Sabra is really growing on me; her rumba with Dominic was possibly my favorite routine of the night. And another improvement for Jaimie and Hok but I'm not sure how America will respond to that whole hummingbird-flower dynamic.

Kameron is probably one of my favorite guys so far, but I just can't vote for him and Lacey as a couple until they get something other than ballroom. You know what, Mary Murphy, you can spare me the nuances of the quick step versus swing, ballroom is ballroom and Lacey's been in her comfort zone pretty much this entire season. Huh, that's funny, just like her brother Benji last season...

I think that's the only thing annoying me so far. That and the fact that I can't re-watch any routines that might show up on YouTube thanks to the videos having been seemingly instantaneously removed by Dick Clark Productions, Inc. Damn copyright claims!

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