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Nifty. I just discovered Google Reader's shared items widget thingy; you can see what I've shared at the bottom of the right-hand side of the page. I went through my starred items for starters, so it's all care of Rhizome.org at the moment. I subscribe to their multiple RSS feeds and it's usually pretty overwhelming; the "raw" platform in particular is more often than not spam of some sort (replica watches, viagra, that sorta thing) or some individual member's rant about what is or isn't art, blah, blah, blah. Every once in awhile, though, I come across something amazing, but the volume is just too much for me to comment on. So the widget solves that problem nicely, if you care to peruse it.

We recently got the three rolls of film we took on our London-Athens trip developed and scanned so I've been meaning to put this travel thread to bed already, but I need to do some image correction and downsizing, etc., before I can do so. There are very few pictures of me in the digital batch...which makes sense considering I had control of that camera for most of the trip. Not surprisingly, there are quite a few more in the film photos that Neal took. Nothing Tyra would be too upset about. Maybe I learned my lesson from last summer's travels and photo-taking I was not aware of.

Which reminds me, I've been wanting to blog about these sunglasses for awhile now. I resisted the temptation to buy the big honkin' variety so trendy lately, but when my several years old cheapo Walgreen's variety broke beyond my repair a couple of months ago, I decided to break down and buy a discount designer pair at Filene's Basement. I started trying on the big "owl eye" styles half-jokingly, but I found I actually kind of liked the way they look. I also bought a few of those really long shirts, you know, the ones that kind of look like babydoll dresses over jeans, and I have a strong urge to buy some footless leggings...

Also, I should add that I broke down and got bangs today. I had bangs my entire life and decided to grow them out just as everyone else seemed to get fringe-happy on me. It took me two tries and about three years to finally grow them out completely and get used to long hair, but recently, after a solid three or so years bang-free, I found myself searching the web for examples of the sexy sideswept variety, knowing full well they'd be pulled over in a bobby pin within the first twenty-four hours (and they are, but only because I'm staying in tonight). I just got tired of seeing so much of my forehead. To add to the drama, I returned to Joe at Hair Adventure after a year elsewhere. I won't say where elsewhere was, but after three tries, I was fed up. I haven't been so disappointed with a haircut in a really long time. Less than two months later, I felt downright desperate for a trim and I'd come across some photos taken during my original Hair Adventure cuts. We were in New York and I hadn't even brought a hair dryer and my do looked more done than on a good day lately with all my equipment and humidity-resistant products. So I thought I'd give Joe another go and I'm pretty pleased so far, even having resorted to the bobby pin so quickly.

Wow, what a self-absorbed post...Next time I promise I'll only tell you all about my travels!

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