too much ballroom

Some thoughts on tonight's performances on SYTYCD. The thing is, I like ballroom, but I think because there's so much of it on the show, the choreographers are trying to mix things up and make it cool by infusing it with non-traditional moves and setting routines to pop and rock music. The result: "things that make you go...hmmm," i.e. slightly awkward performances by Jaimie & Hok and Sara & Jesus. I like all of those dancers individually but I just wasn't feeling their performances tonight. Also, why did they put all of the taller girls with the smallest guys, possibly putting Jaimie & Hok in the same position as Ashlee & Ricky found themselves last week.

But ultimately, despite some awkward moments, this is a pretty tight bunch. Top couples tonight for me included Lauren & Neil (although I still find Lauren a little too confident, like she's not trying quite hard enough to earn my vote...I gave it to her anyway), Jessie & Pasha (more Jessie than Pasha, really), Anya & Danny (Neal described Anya as a cross between Scarlett Johansson and Russian-born Natasha from the most recent cycle of ANTM), and Shauna & Jimmy. I find both Shauna and Jimmy a tad goofy, but they've delivered two excellent performances so what more can I ask for. And where can I get my hands on that SYTYCD schwag?

On the choreography front, Shane's still my fave (notably absent this week; I say less ballroom, more Shane Sparks), but Dave Scott's routines were pretty great; I'm not convinced, however, that the steppin' sounds in Shauna & Jimmy's routine were actually coming from their hands and feet. And I've decided that lyric/contemporary is a little like performance art: when it's good, it's amazing (remember Allison and Ivan's Mia Michaels routine from last season? the one with the bench? wow...); but more often than not, for me at least, someone completely unschooled in the art of flexed feet and winding torsos through arms and such, it just leaves me squirming.

Finally, I managed to narrow down my votes from six couples last week to just four tonight.


Neal Grigsby said...

I think the Mia Michaels routine with the bench last summer was performed by Heidi and Travis. Allison and Ivan also did a legendary Michaels routine, but it used no props. Legendary.

I still haven't picked a favorite. Nobody has the combination of power and grace as Allison from last year.

Becky G. said...

Ah, yes. Thank you for that clarification. Both amazing routines indeed. Hmmm, maybe I do like contemporary...Like I said, when it's good, it's amazing.

But, yeah, Allison is a hard act to follow. She obviously should've won.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you two. I have so thoroughly enjoyed wandering your website and reading your blog. Is there a way to subscribe to the blog? I, too am completely hooked on SYTYCD, but I don't remember things quite like you do. I tend to watch while doing other stuff, so I don't get the whole show. I don't have anyone else who enjoys the show like I do, so nice to see your commentary. Love you! Aunt Jolina (since I am not a google blogger@) sheesh, so many things to keep up on.