summer daze

It's official: summer has arrived. Neither the heat nor humidity have hit intolerable levels yet but the ACs are installed and the cats look like this about 95% of the time.

Doesn't Sophie look downright defeated by all that fluff? Learning from last summer's onslaught of heat and humidity on her rather cottony fur, she has an appointment a bit later this week with the groomer who stops by our local vet a couple of times a week. This cat does not look so happy with its "lion cut," a popular summer style for long-hair cats. I'm hoping the groomer can come up with something a little less extreme.

Anyway, I too am feeling the full effect of the lazy days of summer. Despite having lots to blog about - not to mention a couple more days of travel notes - I just can't muster the energy to put it all in words. And I've come to the end of my four-day weekend. Sigh. Fortunately, one exciting new adventure this past weekend was shared with another blogger and she's already blogged about it, so you can read her take on it for now. Maybe I'll find some time to catch up next weekend, which starts in just three days. It's tough being an art student.

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