I wasn't sure if I'd blog about the end result of Sophie's visit to the pet groomer. If, indeed, she'd been given the full-on lion cut, I wasn't sure I wanted her to suffer any further humiliation. But as you can see the groomer was mostly successful in coming up with a less extreme solution to Sophie's New England summer-induced fur woes. Actually, the picture makes it look like not much has changed, but she is indeed fully clipped. It's a bit choppy, which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise considering the groomer our vet hires only does lion cuts; this, I think, was quite a compromise for her. I think it'll do, but I have to admit, I was actually a little disappointed when the vet tech brought her out. I think part of me was secretly looking forward to seeing a more lion-like (and male lion, at that) cat.

Which makes me think of various comments I read after doing an image search on the lion cut. Clearly, pet groomers have come up with a cut, though functional, that also satisfies some weird desire many humans have to mess with nature (and I remain convinced that even the lion cut is nothing compared to dog breeding in general). But ultimately I can't imagine most cat owners actually enjoy this kind of thing. Spend one summer with a long-haired cat and you too will be convinced that not only your life will be improved but the cat will be more comfortable as well.

Anyway, this whole experience reminded me of Chrissa's similar situation at the end of last summer. It makes me wonder how Dinah's holding up so far this time around.


Chrissa said...

Dinah needs to go to the groomer again! She was fine all through fall and winter, but things have gotten matted again. I'll think she'll probably be okay just getting another comb-out, though -- it seems to be mostly about the undercoat for her.

I'm glad Sophie just ended up with something short and sassy, rather than getting completely denuded. She looks much happier already.

Becky G. said...

I think if we lived closer to a full-fledged pet groomer I'd try the comb-out first, rather than resort to clipping. But around these parts our options seem to be lion-cut or nothing, and with our cats, the drive is half the battle. The shorter the better...