what do they know?

Nigel keeps going on about how America gets it wrong each week with its votes (and to be fair, sometimes I agree) and the couples we put in the bottom three. Well, after tonight, I'm fairly convinced the judges don't know much more than we do, sending two of my favorite dancers home. Nigel scolded all four girls for not performing well enough in their solos (could they be a tad more specific as to what exactly "dancing for your life" means?), singled out Lauren - who should've gone home - and then simply told Jessi she'd be the one leaving the competition tonight. That's it?! No feedback, no reasoning?! I feel like they penalized her for her medical situation earlier in the week, and in a week when the votes did not actually put her in the bottom three, it was unfair to not give her another week, at least. Especially considering who she was up against. It's a tough decision, I'm sure, but Lauren seemed like a no-brainer to go home. She's like, a teenager, she'll be fine! And I'm sure Jessi will be, too, but I'm incredibly disappointed. I mean, c'mon, how great was that cha cha cha? Oh well, dancing is just one part of her triple threat dream...

Likewise, I think the judges made the wrong decision with the guys, sending Jesus home over Neil (who would have gotten the boot from me) and Danny. I didn't think Neil's solo was particularly stellar and in the competition overall, Jesus has been a more consistent performer. Danny is an amazing dancer, so I would have been pretty shocked to see him go, but what was that snickering about when it was revealed that Cedric was safe while he was not? Dude, get over yourself just a little bit. You, too, judges.

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